The VD-300T from OPTEX is an active infrared vehicle sensor that can be mounted discretely for many applications. A flexible mounting bracket is included, and a mounting box (VD-3BOX) is available. The detection area ranges from 0 to 9.6 feet. The strong LED light source assures stable sensing even in foggy or misty conditions.

Vehicle Product Sheet



Mounting box for the VD-300T sensor.


Detection method: Diffused-Reflection IR LED
Sensing distance: 3m (relay type), 2.5m (transistor type)
Response time: 5msec
Operating mode: Relay type = Light On fixed, NPN/PNP type = Light On / Dark On switchover
Hysteresis: 20% max.
Light source: Infrared
Control output: NO / NC AV240V / DC30V, 3A; NPN or PNP Open collector, 100mA Max / 30V DC
Supply voltage: AC24-240V, DC12-240V +/-10% repple; DC10-30V incl. 10% repple
Conformity: JIS / C4525, CE, UL
Power consumption: 5VA; 5mA
Cable connection: Terminal chamber, applicable cable ø6 to ø10
Test input: Available in Transistor output types
Operating temp: –25~+55°C
Operating humidity: 35~85% RH
Sensitivity adjustment: Single turn trimmer
Protection: IEC 144, IP67
Shock resistance: 50G, XYZ 3-ways
Materials: Glassfiber reinforced ABS (case), PMMA (lens)

Instruction manual